A Comprehensive Detailed Report that is Easy to Understand

We pride ourselves on providing complete reports that are easy to understand. You won’t be flooded with information that is not applicable or a bunch of useless fillers. Just factual information about the property and its condition–and annotated, color photos to clarify your understanding. It’s all organized in an easy to follow format.

We Know Your Time Is Important!

Your PCA, Due-Diligence Report, or Commercial Inspection report is completed typically within 2-5 business days (larger inspections may need more time to complete the report) and made ready for your review and retrieval right here on our website.

  • You won’t have to wait for your report on-site, after the inspection.

Easy Access to Your Report

You’re actually purchasing information and expertise from us and you should be able to reference that information at anytime. That’s why we make your report available online in PDF format.

You will a PDF copy of your report via email. Sharing the report is a snap. Contractors, Realtors, Property Managers even the seller…anyone who needs to see the report has instant access.

Commitment to Excellence

You’ll find our report to be thorough and very detailed. It’s our goal to give you a complete picture of the condition of your property so you can clearly understand what’s involved in owning it. With our report, you’ll know the facts. We’re always available to answer your questions after the report is complete.

Please view these Atlanta Commercial Building Sample reports below:

Commercial Inspection
Atlanta GA

Commercial Inspection
Marietta GA

Commercial Inspection
Forest Park GA